Uniden BC560XLT Unlock

Does your non-working BC560XLT or PRO-2025 display an "L" instead of a channel number?

All is not lost! Do not throw away the scanner!

This usually happens in mobile installations if you forget to turn off the scanner when you leave the car. When you get back in and start the car, the scanner is still on, and the huge draw of the starter motor robs the scanner of current, causing it to erase all the memories.

All you have to do is program a memory and the problem is solved. Just program a known frequency, such as the weather frequency (usually 162.4), into channel one. Then hit the manual button and cycle through the memories back to channel one (or just hit manual - 1 - manual). You should here activity or static (when the radio is locked up you can't even hear static). For some reason, if you just program in a memory and hit scan, it doesn't work - you have to manually select the channel you programmed.

That's it! I couldn't find this info anywhere on the web, and almost threw the scanner away (it served well for many years and a service manual costs more than the radio is worth). So I thought I would post this little page to save someone else the grief.

Cheers, Charlie NO7UP.

Note: Free manual download available! It's for the Radio Shack PRO-2025, which is identical to the BC560XLT. It's at www.mods.dk - click on Radio Shack on the left and then click on Manuals at the upper right. Scroll down in the middle and you will find it. You will have to go through a free registration process to download the manual. Please donate to their site if you can.

You can also purchase a brand new one direct from Uniden, even though it isn't listed in the manuals section. Just use their search box and enter OMBC560XLT - it is available from them for around 5 bucks. It is also available at several manual outfits, but costs more than Uniden charges!

Note we are talking about the Operating Manual here - the Service Manual is also available from a couple sources, but costs more than the radio is worth. If anything much more than connectors, pots, or LED display is shot, it's probably not worth fixing anyway. The LED display will eventually burn out but is easily replaceable and is available from Mouser - just match the dimensions and choose the common-anode version. But be sure you keep track of which way pin 1 is pointing when you re-install it!

My BC560XLT has been going strong for many years now with very few problems. It even spent one summer relentlessly scanning six meter repeater and simplex frequencies and worked like a champ. I was able to catch just about every six meter opening that came along that year!

Cheers, Charlie.